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MN is just south Canada… for real.

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I just heard this an hour ago. This is how everyone speaks in my home town, not even exaggerating. 

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Can’t stop listening..

What lips my lips have kissed

What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why,
I have forgotten, and what arms have lain
Under my head till morning;
but the rain Is full of ghosts tonight, that tap and sigh
Upon the glass and listen for reply,
And in my heart there stirs a quiet pain
For unremembered lads that not again
Will turn to me at midnight with a cry.

Thus in winter stands the lonely tree,
Nor knows what birds have vanished one by one,
Yet knows its boughs more silent than before:
I cannot say what loves have come and gone,

I only know that summer sang in me
A little while, that in me sings no more. 

Sermon ElevenThe meaning of existenceSome of you standing here tonight may have wondered, at some point in time, if the world around you exists; if the the tree’s you see are really there or if they only exist in your mind? If this thing we separate from our bodies- our minds or our souls, if those really exist as well? But all of these questions seem to assert that we know what it means to exist already. But do we know what it means to exist? Certainly we know how we may exist. As each of us continues in life we can be sure of the fact that we each choose a way to be and a way for our lives to be. What does this mean exactly? It means as the years unfold before you, you will be given certain choices in life- paths. These branching points allow us to choose the type of life we want and to choose the type of person we may be. At some point in time it was believed that only humans had the capability to be aware of these choices but as we are aware in present day their are many intellectual beings. So then the question must be posed- what is it about these races that make them so special? What is it that separates ‘man’ from ‘beast’? The simple answer is: plants and animals have their lives determined entirely by the demands of survival and reproduction. While intellectual beings lead their lives or lay out their lives for themselves. We are all susceptible to anxiety in the fact that sometimes this world may feel meaningless, we are all capable of thinking or asserting our existence, and as mentioned earlier we all have a preconceived understanding of what existence means. We are all able to analyze these thoughts of existence and perhaps uncover the hidden underlying meaning of what it means to exist. One might say that existence is the way the self relates to its environment. However, there are many different levels of relation; for example is the relation based on intellect (examination, analyzation, understanding) or is the relation based on manipulation, such as using a tool? These are both activities you may exist in but which is right? If we are to suspend our belief and say our mind is who we are or what we are, then would the correct answer be that existence occurs when we relate intellectually? Or if we are to say our existence occurs through the activity of manipulation than is physical interaction the meaning to existence? If we cannot be sure of the actual existence of the physical world does the theory of relations still apply?I would argue that both are correct, that separation is required but not from right to wrong. Intellectual relation and manipulative relation are two states of existence that co-exist in what it means to exist. That is to say, these are activities of existing but not existence itself.Let us then move onto another argument on existence: existence is a product of purpose.That is to say that existence is defined and determined solely on its purpose. For example, a hammers defined as a tool to increase the speed in which someone may build. The purpose of the speed increase is to protect the builder, and later an individual or family, from unkind weather. It is effective in its existence because it has a definable purpose. Is a person definable though? Is it possible create a definition that could apply to each individual to determine whether or not they exist? The answer, I’m afraid, is no. Even if we were to create a definition that tells us why and how we exist it would still not tell us the meaning of existence. It seems we have this word that we use in action to define things. I exist, you exist, we exist. But we don’t know what the meaning of that existence is and it is possible that we may never know. That is it simply undefinable. Now, as I end this sermon I wish to propose a challenge to each of you: meditate on the meaning of existence, test your mind to see if you can uncover the hidden truth. What is the way we should conduct ourselves? This will be the topic for this evenings sermon. Although some would argue that our conscience died with our body we cannot ignore the overwhelming question that is sure to plague every society. How do we conduct ourselves? Where, how and why do we draw a line between right and wrong? When an attempt is made to understand something, let us use the example of the State, when a State is to pass legislature it is not enough for a person to be told that it is right and they must obey it because the State dictates as such. The individual must understand it. They need to understand why and by which standards it is right. 
————————————————————————————————————Sermon #11 Discussions!*There was actually so many discussions that I have only included the first half, consider it a teaser.*Thandys: Perhaps existence is defined by each individual and may be different for all… even possibly for inanimate as well as animate creations. Take the hammer for instance. It serves the purpose to speed up the process of building, but even a hammer has more uses than just building. It can be used as a weapon, or perhaps open a can. It’s own existence is defined by the situation. Maybe for everything in this world, as well as others, it is the same?Silaine:That is true. Existence is reliant on interpretation from individuals. Therefore, the theory of existence is ever evolving and never properly define. My purpose in posing the question was to gauge what you would each interpret your existence as. Now that is not to say there isn’t an answer to the overwhelming question but rather.. We may never understand its true meaning simply because we do not possess the intellect.Galectria:Since we are discussing the matters of existence and the reason of our own existence, perhaps there is a reason for each individual, no matter what race of perspective we have on life. Many are born with a gift, from a family who managed to make the existence of a person possible. Many are different in their own special way, and their image is also different from one another. Could it be possible that our existence comes because we were granted this chance to do something meaningful for one or more persons? Ourselves? The environment? Or in an attempt to stop something that can be catastrophic to the lives of a few or many in our world?Or could it be that we were meant to exist simply because we do?Shadowlust:So you propose that our existence may have some predestined purpose or opportunity for which we are given the possibility to achieve? Or that we were simply meant to be?Silaine:Intelligent design is an interesting concept and would play into why each of us has an understanding of abstract things; such as existence and perfection, without concrete definitions to contribute to the words.Thandys:Perhaps the answer to both is simply, yes. Predestined, or simply being.. yes.. and mayhaps even beyond such of which we may be unaware?What about you? What do you perceive as the meaning of your personal existence?Silaine:I personally subscribe to the theory that there is a meaning to existence, that there is a meaning to a lot of things, but we simply cannot understand that meaning. In a way I feel as though we are all in a dark cave, watching shadows on the wall and perceiving what we can from them but never truly understanding them. 
I have made it my purpose in life to interpret those shadows as best I can, to make sense of this world around me. Shadowlust:Do the shadows provide guidance on their own, or is it up to those observing to shape them, priestess?I have often become curious if we exist because of them. Or if they exist because of us.Silaine:We cannot pretend to know the answers- as I said, I simply interpret them and I suppose others, in this analogy, do as well. Does that mean that we provide our own meanings to these things? Most certainly, but in defense I do not believe it is always done on purpose.As for the second question.. I would like to believe that the shadows are being cast by something unaware to us. Therefore, I would hope we came second to them. Thandys:I was just about to propose a thought for those here. The shadows, perhaps they watch us move along whatever path we take, and us watch them slither in the darkness to form silhouettes with their various shapes and sizes. Sometimes mimicking other things as well as ourselves.. Or possibly mocking? And then there is that, a third person view.. something else yet that observes from what we may be unaware of whatever existence it is? And then beyond that? What observes the observer? And infinite loop that maybe, in some way, connects everything in different spaces and times?Silaine:Yes, exactly. The possibility of the infinite. That for something to exist in this way something else must would have created it. Shadowlust:I have a thought, and concept I have often pondered. Is ones soul, ones essence, is it finite? Is ones soul incapable of being truly divided? Is ones soul unchangeable or fluid?I ask these questions due to observations I have made of this world we have. The abominations, creations of the Scourge and later by we the Forsaken, amalgams of the soul and body. These creatures once had individual minds, souls, and bodies but now they function of one mind, one being.. but do they of one soul?*holds up shard*This shard contains the trapped essence of a fallen foe. Before being vanquished he had a will, a mind, a body, a soul. Now all that I can perceive of his being exists within this shard, his body now nothing but ash.Does the fallen foe still exist? Is his soul cognitive of the events that continue to transpire? Or have I snuffed him from existence now and forever?..Or is he simply a memory now, and will continue to exist as such until truly and finally forgotten?






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This guy stopped watching porn — and he wants you to know why. Gender activist Ran Gavrieli felt that most of the images he saw in porn encouraged negative, even violent, attitudes toward women, despite a recent wave of feminist porn. So he pulled the plug, and found that his personal sex life and private fantasies became much more fulfilling.

In his talk at TEDxJaffa, he advocates for physically and emotionally-safe sex, as well as erotica that shows a wider range of fulfilling sexual experiences — including the intimacy of human connection, laughter, and touch. Watch his talk here.

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How I feel when I’m scrolling through my dashboard some days.. 

In Defense of the Shadow

This evening I would like to defend my religion and its beliefs against some of the charges brought against it. As of late it has come to my attention that being a member of the Cult is regarded as being a part of something ‘ugly’; that we are an evil people who only seek evil devices. Now, why has this thinking become common place? No doubt through a series of miscommunications or blatant ignorance, so, on this eve I would like to provide a defense and education against such notions.

From the standpoint of the Light we are charged with having ignored solidarity, that we recognize and separate the individual from the herd. We create an isolated being; someone that cannot return to solidarity after having been made fully aware of what it means to be themselves and to exist.  

Furthermore, the Light would say that we have forsaken its teachings, leaving nothing pure and filling the void with our own twisted notions. The result being that everyone is permitted to do as they please and incapable of damning the viewpoints and acts of others.

With these concepts being so easily defined as evil I am left to wonder whether the practitioners of the Light truly fear my doctrine for its dangers or for its opportunities. Can it be that what really scares them in the doctrine is that it leaves a person with a possibility of choice?

I have spoken on the doctrine of the Shadow many nights before this present occasion, however,  for the purpose of education I will find myself speaking of it once more. Firstly, I should address what exactly is the core of this religion? While many might say the pursuit of power, the true answer is: A person is nothing else but what they make of themself.

Before power, before knowledge, and before recognition of another there comes the recognition of the self. This means that everyone starts as nothing and only after this realization can they become something; this recognition for the self allows the person to define themselves and in the process they create what they will be. You are not only what you conceive yourself to be, but also what you will yourself to be in this existence.

This acceptance of responsibility for the self, for existence, is the foundation of the Shadow religion.

Now to address another commonly heard concern: if the Shadow is good, then why does it teach selfishness? Surely by inspiring individuals to realize and accept their own power over the governance of their life, we are creating a society that is only fueled by personal desire. However, that is simply not the case as I will explain.

When we instruct an individual to find themself, to engage with themself, and to choose themself it is a choice that is for all people. When an individual commits to this doctrine they are not committing to selfishness, they are committing to the betterment of themselves and their society. When an individual creates themselves as the person they want to be it also creates the image of what others think they ought to be. In short, it creates a progressive society where one is not only responsible for themselves but for others as well

At this point I have hopes that you are all beginning to understand the most core and basic concepts of my doctrine. I also have hopes that you are beginning to see the Shadow not as a means to evil but as a pathway to something greater— where choices are valued and freedom is assured.


The discussion and Q&A from the night will be posted later on. 

Shadow Sermon




The Cult will be speaking in the Throne Room and giving a direct response to the worshiper’s of the Light recent shenanigans. Come on out for a good time.

As always it will be a short lecture and then an open forum. Bring your ideas and opinions and be ready to defend your claims if need be. 

The event will start at 8 PM ST.

WHERE IS THE TRANSCRIPT FOR THIS. Both you and Pel are horrible at posting on the guild boards for archival uses >:(

I’m going to post it today. xD

Shadow Sermon


The Cult will be speaking in the Throne Room and giving a direct response to the worshiper’s of the Light recent shenanigans. Come on out for a good time.

As always it will be a short lecture and then an open forum. Bring your ideas and opinions and be ready to defend your claims if need be. 

The event will start at 8 PM ST.

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felonous asked: You're characters have ONE miss...just one (and it cannot be for more wishes)...what would their wish be?

For an education revolution. 

This could mean everyone converting to the Shadow or a new school of thought rising up but she wants some sort of change. 

bluphino asked: How does Silaine feel about Pelaois not seeing the acknowledging the cult as a true following but 'any other path'?

Pel has made it clear that he views the Shadow as a school of philosophy, which is good but of course not enough. The real insult comes from him stating that the Cult is not a threat to the Holy Light— really she finds it insulting to the intelligence of the people of Azeroth and a very arrogant statement to make. 

TMI Tuesday

Ask me questions about the Cult / Shadow, my characters or the Nexus. OR Y’KNOW— whatever else you feel like.